Friday, August 13, 2010


A couple things to share:

1. Marko is already doing better, thanks to all the advice I got from around the internet. People from Facebook, Twitter, and the blogosphere all gave me wonderful tips. Someone even retweeted me so that total strangers dropped in on my Twitter feed to help me out! Such kindness. In any event, he has been happier than a clam today, full of smiles and love ... and eating a lot. :)

2. I guest posted on this blog, Diary of a First Child. It's a good blog, why not go there and read it? As for my own post, it's about baby poo, so only read it if you really want to.

3. I am finally posting again at Enchiridion. I'm hoping to lure a few of my old followers back... so if any of you were missing that blog, check back. I'm hoping to manage to post there at least weekly from now on.

4. Marko is reliably rolling over from back to front! He hasn't mastered front to back yet. The problem is, if I'm around, he'd prefer to lie on his back and watch me ... so I had to leave the camera running on the bedside table and watch stealthily to see if he'd roll. After several minutes of film, he actually did.


Heather said...

Fantastic guest post, Sheila! And way to go for tackling EC. I had never heard of EC before, so that was educational. Glad Marko and you have a system now. =)

Luschka said...

Thanks for the mention and many thanks again for the post!

Sheila said...

EC is very common in less-developed countries where diapers are not so widespread. The mothers gets so good at reading the babies' cues (and the babies get good at waiting for a good moment) that there are rarely any "accidents" after three months, even at night! Babies have much more awareness and control than most people realize. For instance, they cannot eliminate in their sleep. If Marko has a peaceful night, he will sometimes wake up dry in the morning! That was a big surprise to me. I would love to try EC with a future baby or at a future time, but right now, obviously, it just wasn't for us.

Heather said...

Btw, with the video, was that a CD of beach and bird sounds playing?

Sheila said...

It's a white noise maker ... yes, that's the ocean sound. I tend to leave it on all the time in case of an unexpected nap attack!

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