Friday, December 31, 2010

Twelve months of blogging

Well, at the end of the year, I hear it's traditional to recap the best posts of the year. Since I don't have any kind of stat counter, I couldn't tell you what the most popular posts were. Instead I just picked one favorite for each month of 2010.

In January, I was working on cutting bills, and was rather offended by the "food stamp challenge" asking people to live on $7 a day: How to be a snob on $7 a day.

After a lot of complaining (gosh, pregnancy was not my favorite!) I finally posted Things look up.

I had read the opinion that married women shouldn't work, and disagreed -- while still strongly holding that parents should stay with their kids: Should wives work?

What I could post for April but Mark's birth story? In other April posts, though, there are some sweet pictures.

I got really personal in May and shared my hardships in my spiritual life: Struggling with prayer.

In June, A spiritual take on breastfeeding got me some praise from my (nurse and lactation consultant) aunt, plus I really liked it.

My choice for July, Why my son is intact, may just be my most controversial post, with lots of comments. In it I explain why I oppose circumcision, and why (in my opinion) it doesn't jive with Catholic teaching.

In August, I went on the elimination diet that finally turned my fussy nurser into a happy guy. A side effect was a newfound appreciation for fat, and this post: In praise of fat.

In September, a package from my mom raised reflections on my own education, and the education I would like to give my children: My old homeschooling folder.

Germs are not so bad for you after all, I said in October -- and I don't sterilize pacifiers either.

In November, as the cold weather set in, cosleeping suddenly became a much more attractive option, and I wrote What cosleeping is like.

For this month, the winner was The feminist dilemma. It's a question that has bothered me for years, and my personal solution -- bringing the baby to work -- has been very rewarding for me.

Comments are still open on all of these, and I'll be back to check -- so feel free to comment after you read, if you want to restart the discussion!

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