Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Herb garden

I have been wanting to grow my own food for awhile. Unfortunately, I haven't been in a position to do it, because we've always been renting. This summer, however, I'm getting a tiny bit of a start by growing herbs on our porch. It gets direct sunlight for the whole morning, and seems a great spot to grow things.

All I've got so far is basil:

I planted it just a couple weeks ago, and look how nice it looks! I discovered recently that I will have to pinch off the buds when they appear -- good to know. Other than that, I've just been watering.

I have a little room where I can plant something else. Any ideas? In the fall I want to do garlic, but I've discovered that I can't plant it now. I have tomato seeds, but that's much too big for my little planter. Maybe chives?


some guy on the street said...

you could grow mint with very little intervention --- maybe the same story with buds, but I don't know... --- although I'd recommend a separate planter if you've the space: like information, mint "wants to be FREE!".

(forgive the awful punctuation; I figure "FREE!" like that is a coherent word.)

Enbrethiliel said...


Would parsley be practical? I had a flatmate in uni who grew parsley in pots outside her window, and since the herb goes with a lot of dishes, it seems like a good idea.

kris said...

I cannot garden at all, and everything my girls and I grow turns into an experiment that does not involve us ever eating any of the results.

I am all kinds of impressed with your ingenuity and success!


Heather J. Chin said...

Rosemary, or maybe mint? Chives and dill could be tasty, though.

Sheila said...

I don't care for parsley, really -- though it is one thing that's much better fresh. Mint sounds good. Isn't rosemary a bush though?

I have always claimed to have a "black thumb," but the basil has been extremely easy. Just planted the seeds, watered when I've remembered (like every other day) and they sprang right up!

Sugar Coater said...

Rosemary will work. Parsley is a bit impractical if you don't like it... Mint will be too invasive unless you don't mind it taking over the space.

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