Thursday, April 4, 2013

Some random pictures

Someone (Sojourner?) asked about my wedding dress.  Here's what it looked like.  The veil is just a huge gauze oval that went over my head and down the back almost to my feet.

It was good for dancing in.

I'm not sure why this picture is stubbornly upside-down.  I blame my smart-aleck phone.  It was so sure this picture belonged upside-down that every time I try to rotate it, it ends up turned over again.

Anyway, my kids are cute.

This was a breakthrough I really didn't want Michael to reach.  He is only 11 months and can now scale a chair in about 10 seconds.

So, in my attempt to wear actual outfits instead of just my husband's old t-shirts, I've gotten obsessed with pashminas.  I have four of them, each one a gift, each one a gorgeous color, and I never wear them.  So I've been wearing them all week.  They are so handy.

You can wear them instead of a sweater.

Or if your kid is feeling cold, they can snuggle into it.

You can use it as a nursing cover.  (This pose lasted about 5 seconds before Michael yanked it off, so be warned.)

A good one will double as a very good sling.  They have exactly the right amount of give.

They do back carries, too.  They're a bit short to be completely secure, but this one works in a pinch.

Oh, and if you're working in the garden and afraid of getting a sunburn ... or you're into covering your head in church ... or you accidentally blunder into an Islamic republic on the way home from the playground ... this style should do the trick.

See?  Pashminas are like a mom uniform.  I highly recommend them.  Get machine washable ones, though, because if you can't wipe a toddler's nose with it, it ain't worth wearing.


Enbrethiliel said...


I used pashminas instead of mantillas for over a year because I liked all the colours. My mother used to say, "You're the only devout Catholic in the world who goes out of her way to look like a Muslim." The week I switched back to mantillas, however, a whole bunch of people at my parish approached me to say how much they preferred the traditional look. =P
And that temporary move can now be considered permanent.

Your baby slings are great! Is there a tutorial somewhere? I want to borrow someone's baby and try some knots out! ;-)

Sheila said...

I just tie the ends together in a square knot and sling on one shoulder. No trick to it.

I actually wore a pashmina like a burqa while out on my walk today. No one is likely to take me for an Arab, and my head was cold! But why let Muslims have all the fun? Our Lady is often pictured with her head covered in just the same look.

The Sojourner said...

I approve of your wedding dress.

One of my best friends is a huge fan of shawls and wide scarves and things of that nature. (I need to go look on Wikipedia or something for how a pashima fits into that whole class of garments.) Maybe I should add that sort of thing to the list of "Things I would buy if I had a modicum of fashion sense."

Sheila said...

A pashmina is a wide shawl, usually about 2 x 5 feet, made of wool cashmere. It generally has a fringe on the short ends and a pretty pattern.

Ideally, you should have the kind of friends I have, who go to foreign countries and buy them for you. Two of mine are from Italy and one from Korea. The only one I ever bought was from Peebles.

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