Monday, April 15, 2013

Crafty stuff

A picture and a video for you.

Here is the mei tai I made from my old favorite skirt.  The red band went around the bottom, so I made it the bottom half of the wrap.  The straps are made from John's old khaki pants.  Upcycling FTW.

And here is a video of my new present from John.  It's a drop spindle, which is something I've been longing for ever since I found out about them.  AKA when I read The Mists of Avalon (which is an awful book but has some cool historical details).

Unfortunately there is no sound (you just would have heard Marko asking over and over if the video is recording and me saying "I hope so, I really have no idea!") and you can't see the spindle once it gets lower.  And you can't really see what exactly I'm doing.  But it's fun anyway.  I'm getting faster and faster at it, though I can still only make one kind of very thin yarn.  Sadly, I am already running low on wool.  I wish I had a sheep.

I know some of my readers knit.  Maybe we can come up with some kind of swap ... once I get more wool.  I can't knit worth anything and crocheting frustrates me.  But I could spin a lot of yarn, send it to you, you knit something gorgeous, send it back to me, and keep the rest.  Think about it.

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