Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My parenting opinions

So, just to get things straight as to where I stand on all the parenting "issues":

Breastfeeding: STRONGLY for

Cloth diapering: reluctantly for

Circumcision: against

Vaccination: slightly against -- there are some I'm considering getting

Spanking: depends on the child and the circumstances -- certainly never out of anger or with anything but a bare hand

Co-sleeping: theoretically for, but I'm not doing it myself (both baby and I prefer our own beds)

Baby-wearing: so much fun!

Crying it out: against ... at least not for infants

Solid food: not till 6 months, planning to start with egg yolk

Daycare: you know I'm against it

Homeschooling: again, as you know, FOR

Would love to discuss any of these choices in the comments! Though, to warn you, I am extremely opinionated and unlikely to change my mind. ;)


Fidelio said...

Egg yolk? I'm just curious...

Sheila said...

Apparently it's more digestible than grains. Most people start with rice cereal or oatmeal, but the babies don't get much benefit from it (unless constipation is a benefit). Egg yolk, on the other hand, is high in iron, so it's a great addition for a breastfed baby, and, as an animal product, is much more like milk so that the babies can digest it easily.

After that my book advises liver. We'll see how that goes. His dad LOVES it and his mom LOATHES it -- we'll see whom he takes after.

Charlemagne said...

May one ask about circumcision?

Sheila said...

One may ask ... what do you want to know? Why I'm against it? Pretty much the same reason I'm for leaving tonsils in if you can: it is an unnecessary surgery, and I'm into leaving your body the way God made it unless you have a good reason not to. And I'm not Jewish. ;)

Charlemagne said...

They say it's more hygenic than being uncircumcised.

Sheila said...

The medical community decided there wasn't enough evidence to recommend one way over the other. For every risk to not having it done, there's another risk to having it done. The pediatrician told us that hygiene would be quite simple, no matter which we chose.

In other words, one's reasons are going to have to go beyond the medical/hygienic one, because there is no medical necessity for it.

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