Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hello again, internets

I know it probably hasn't been a "long time" since I've posted, insofar as I don't always blog more often than this anyway. But I've been without internet for over a week, so it feels like it's been forever. Especially because a lot's been going on. I've been "mental blogging" a ton, but you can't read those!

The first update is that we've moved. I didn't want to tell the whole wide internet before, but for the three weeks before we moved, John was living with a friend in Washington, DC while starting his new job, while baby and I remained in Philadelphia. It was pretty rough. We didn't leave the house much at all, because John had the car. Luckily he came up on weekends. We spent those packing. Each time he went back down, he took more of our stuff to put into storage down here. The apartment just got emptier and emptier each week, until I had to send down almost all our food so we could unplug the fridge! It was like a ghost town ... well, apartment.

Then our lease finally started a week and a half ago, so we were able to make the epic trip. It was both baby's and kitty's longest trip of their lives. Baby took it a lot better than kitty did. She meowed the whole first hour, while he slept all the way till the Beltway! Then, of course, he woke up and started to fuss just as we got stuck in traffic. Less than 20 minutes from our destination, we stopped and took care of him. I suppose we could have made it the whole way, but I cannot bear to hear my baby cry, especially when I have the power to make it all better. Indeed I did-- because once he was fed and changed, he just cooed to himself in his carseat the rest of the way! What a good boy.

Now I am a real stay-at-home mom, taking care of housework, making dinner, and (sometimes) packing lunches for my working husband. It is so nice to have him home every evening. He plays with the baby, I put dinner on, and we get to eat together every night. AND, with this new job, he is off every single weekend ever! It's such a big deal to me. Last weekend, we went to the park where we'd gotten engaged on Saturday, and to Christendom and a friend's house on Sunday. (Notice I'm not telling you here, where all the internet can see, the name of the town I live in. But it's between DC and Christendom, and I've lived here before.)

Probably we were a bit too ambitious. I don't want to stay at home all the time just because we have a baby. But it was a long day for him, and though he was very good, he was grouchy the next day. Next time we'll be sure to leave around dinnertime I guess!

Our new place, by the way, is very nice. It is way more spacious than the old place. (Many prison cells are also more spacious than the old place.) But this is quite large, especially for what we're paying and where it is. It has a large dining area (yay! we get to eat dinner at a table instead of on our laps!) and living room. The bedroom is also big enough to have not only the bassinet, but also the rocking chair and a changing area. For once we have a place for all our stuff -- particularly our books. We got another bookshelf at Wal-Mart and finally I have a place for my own books (besides the back of the closet or scattered all over the house).

The real advantage to living here is that we're closer to friends. We've already had more of a social life than we had in months of living in Philadelphia, and that's with a baby keeping us at home! Once we've got a couch and table, we're going to invite all our local friends over for an apartment warming. We actually have room to entertain them!

Baby is bigger and cuter than ever before. He is six weeks old today. His latest accomplishments include smiling (very brief, but they're real!), cutting down his night wakings to once (usually -- last night he woke up twice), and scootching along the floor if you push on his feet. He wants to crawl so bad ... he gets really frustrated sometimes when he finds he's not getting anywhere. He definitely knows both John and me. Last night he was just looking and looking at daddy, and every time John moved out of his sight he kept trying to twist around to see him. It was so cute for me to watch.

So, check him out. Here's him in his fancy cloth diaper. I only have four of these, but they are so much easier and more absorbent than prefolds. Wish I could give you a link or something, but I lost the business card that came with them. At any rate, they are made of bamboo fiber and organic cotton and probably cost a bundle ... but they were a gift from my grandma. I am quite appreciative for their convenience! Besides that he is so cute in them.

And here's him sucking on his hand and gazing at ... something. I believe the window. He'll just stare and stare at the same thing for ages sometimes, but it's hard to tell what he's looking at.


some guy on the street said...

Well... If I'd known of that disjointness at the beginning, I'd have prayed harder for y'all!

Not to worry... I'll make up for it, now.

/dev/null said...

Oh! Hmm... a photo I'd used earlier in this post has fallen off the interwebs; I wonder if I might link to this one of your boy, instead?

write qnoodles at gee mail if you like; I'll wait to hear from you in any case.

(psst! it's says "/dev/null", but I'm still s.g.o.t.s.!)

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