Friday, August 17, 2012

What I do every day

I was making my to-do list today (still a work in progress ... that is to say, it's still in my head, and with the growth of my to-do list and the shrinkage of my brain space, this is no longer an efficient system) when I wondered if I should include those things that are on my to-do list every day.

So I started thinking over the things I have to do every day, and came up with this list:

Dress 3 people.  On average, change each person's clothes at least once.

Make breakfast

Make lunch

Make dinner

Make a snack

Sweep all floors (yes, daily, we have a very sheddy dog)

Do laundry

Wash dishes

Pick up toys, once only because I'm not superwoman here

Change Marko's diaper, x 6

Those times I neglected to change it fast enough, clean up puddles from when he took off his diaper and peed on the floor, x 4

Help Michael pee in the potty, x 20

Clean up pee misses, x 5

Occasionally go potty myself.  Maybe x 3.  Say loudly, "Wow, good for me!  I peed in the potty!"  Take razor away from toddler and put it out of reach.

Walk dog (he can exercise in the yard, but for several reasons it's better to walk him.  This is the big stressful event of my day.  Imagine a dog who is trying to drag me the length of the block, a baby in a wrap who insists on chewing on my thumb the whole time, and a toddler who mostly listens but occasionally just makes a run for it.)

Let out dog to pee, x 1-2

Put baby down for a nap, x 4 or more

Fetch baby who is crying after sleeping for half an hour, x 4

Fill up water pitcher, Marko's sippy cup, and my glass, x 6

Nurse baby, x 12-20

Clean up inevitable spitup, x 12-20

Comfort crying baby, varies

Comfort screaming Marko, varies

Put baby to bed

Pack John's lunch (Sun-Fri only)

Wake up at night with baby, x 2-6

Wake up at night with Marko, x 0-2

That's what I do every day, Saturday and Sunday included.  (John helps with some on the weekends, which is why I call them my "days off.")

Now I'm beginning to wonder if there's really room on my to-do list for the things I wanted to do today:

Mow lawn

Bathe cat

Write two thank-you cards

Wash kitchen floor

Clean, I mean actually clean and not spot-clean, bathroom

Fold ALL the laundry

Start broccoli and cabbage seedlings

More weeding

Finish library books so they will only be a week overdue when I return them tomorrow

Clean cat's litterbox

Put away tomato seeds that I saved and are ready for storage

Find out if the local La Leche League is on the local bus route, and when the next meeting is

Find citations from the Church Fathers giving interpretations of the book of Joshua

Package up a book I borrowed from my grandma so I can mail it back

Vacuum around the dog's kennel (this will take two minutes but it's hard because Marko is scared of the vacuum)

How much of these lists do you suppose I can accomplish?  Especially considering that I'm on here blogging instead of actually doing any of them?  Wish me luck!

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