Friday, August 24, 2012


I have been very sloppy and remiss when it comes to my sidebar.  I threw some links up there years ago and for the most part have just left them.  I couldn't possibly link to everyone I read -- I subscribe to dozens of blogs.  But I wanted to have some good stuff up there for people who want to find something new.  Every blog on my link list is one I read frequently and which I think my readers might like.  The only exception is that my two old blogs are on there -- Enchiridion and Sniffles Predominating.  That's in case you want to stalk my past self or whatever.

If you're a regular reader and you write a blog you think my other readers might like, please comment on this post.  Also please comment if you ever find a broken link in there!

1 comment:

CatholicMommy said...

Hi! Working to be Worthy seems like it might be the same niche. I put the link with my name.

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