Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pretty, happy, funny, real

round button chicken

I decided to try participating in this linkup for once. I'm terrible at linkups because I always forget to do them on the right day. But this has always been one I particularly like.


There's a birds' nest in our fruit (might be plum) tree. Anyone hazard a guess as to what kind of bird this is?


Real tomatoes beginning to form, at last!


Meredith has been visiting us this week, and Marko seems to enjoy the extra company.

See, the kid has an obsession with hats. And we couldn't find a hat. So he grabbed whatever he could find and started begging "HAT! HAT! HAT!" Can't say no to that ... so we didn't.


This poor tomato is being attacked by some vicious bugs! Well, I got rid of those bugs, and haven't seen any more of them. Thank goodness.

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some guy on the street said...

Definitely robins in those eggs.

And ... hats! ...
I approve! Although, he has much to learn about style.

God bless, all!

*kate said...

Great pictures :) Everything is a possibility for a hat around here too.

Bobbi said...

It's hard to tell looking at the bird but according to the eggs I'd agree with ROBIN. Very pretty nest picture! SO jealous of your advanced tomatoes!

Leila said...

I'm so glad you made it! Great photos!

Sally Thomas said...

Catbird. Their eggs are smaller and more intensely blue than the robin's. I was very stupidly pruning an overgrown forsythia last spring and managed to expose a nest I didn't know was there, with three eggs. The mother bird hung around being hysterical all day, and I felt terrible, especially when she didn't come back to the nest and the eggs went cold. Now I don't prune in nesting season.

Anyway, could be robin, but I vote catbird.

Sheila said...

I am pretty sure it's a robin now, because I've seen the dad hanging around. He gets mad every time I mow in the area at all, but he does go back to the nest once I'm gone.

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