Friday, June 1, 2012

Cosleeping guest post

I have a guest post up on Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner!  I think it's exciting that there's such a thing -- a site just about attachment parenting for Catholics.  I personally think that AP makes a lot of sense for Catholics, since we have so much respect for the human person at all stages and AP is mainly about respecting the child.  Not to mention that ecological breastfeeding is practiced by a lot of Catholics, and it has a lot of overlap with AP.

My post is about cosleeping, a topic I've sort of beaten to death around here, but it includes more about cosleeping with Michael (which is the best, by the way).

If you're clicking over from CAPC, I recommend you click on the labels "Parenting" or "Catholicism"  -- you might find a lot that interests you!

[Incidentally, that's not my real name on the post.  Since I don't share my real last name on here, I thought I'd just let it go.]

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