Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thanks for nothing, TIME magazine

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of TIME magazine's controversial cover and issue on attachment parenting.  As far as I can see, as a Mother's Day gift to all moms everywhere, they decided to try to start a mommy war.  Since mothers were respecting each others' different beliefs and parenting styles, the only way they could do this was by misrepresenting everyone.  The only real moms I could find in there were in the pictures -- and they don't get to speak for themselves.

TIME's attachment parents: Are you mom enough to be as good as me?  I am the absolute perfect parent, and you are ruining your kids because you don't do everything just like me.  If you didn't want to make a martyr out of yourself, you should have just gotten a puppy,  you selfish mom you.

TIME's mainstream parents: Attachment parenting isn't scientific and it was just made up to keep women down / to make parents feel better about their own messed-up childhoods / to raise kids "like blue-chip stocks" just to give educated mothers something to do.

Real parents on both "sides" feel judged and (TIME hopes) lash out defensively against the other "side."  Magazines fly off the rack as everyone wants to hear what's being said about them.

Let's not give them the satisfaction.

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