Monday, March 19, 2012

Tell me why ...

... weed seeds can last 10 years in the soil, waiting for the right conditions, but if I plant peas two weeks early, they rot in the soil?

... Marko likes pulling up seedlings so dang much?

... the dog can spend almost all of his time outside, almost all of his inside time in his kennel, and still manage to cover the house with huge fur clumps in only four days?

... the dustpan, which I use almost every day, was on top of the tallest cabinet in the kitchen, where I can barely even see it, much less reach it?

... Marko can go for hours without an accident while we play outside, but half an hour after he goes on the potty, he goes on my nice bedspread with no warning?

... he has such an aversion to seeing me sit down, to the point of throwing a huge temper tantrum because I dared to sit down after a solid hour of housework?

... the night I decide to stay up till midnight is the night he sleeps like a newborn -- up SIX times between 12 and 6 a.m.?

... molars coming in coincides so perfectly with a nasty cold?

... the yard that is convenient to play in is also the only one where vegetables can be grown, and the toddler's only idea of "helping garden" is uprooting stuff and walking on the beds?

... the dog totally ignores his chew toys and spends his time ripping up stuffed animals and digging giant holes in the yard?

If I knew the answers to these questions, I think I'd be a lot closer to uncovering all the secrets of the universe than I am now.


Sarah Faith said...

Sometimes it's better not to know.
Hope your day is better tomorrow.

some guy on the street said...

dark-room shooting, but...

weed seeds propagate entirely by selection pressure to survive weeding (ahem), while garden peas propagate because we keep planting them. That's probably the real reason they tell you to overplant, and then thin the sprouts. That is all.

In other news, since we've started trying to make raccoon-proof garbage bins, there's a definite advantage to being a cleverer, more persistent and curious raccoon.

Sheila said...

S.g.o.t.s., yeah, I figured. By co-opting natural selection, we end up with less fit plants. I'm hoping after a few years of seed selecting, I'll end up with plants that are at least a little fitter for my garden.

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