Thursday, November 18, 2010

What we're eating

I'm eating pumpkin curry soup garnished with lacto-fermented ginger carrots. What is it about fall that makes me crave orange vegetables? I also added cloves to the carrots, which was a nice addition, I think. I agree with the author of this post about the salt -- 1 tablespoon for a pint was too much.

Baby's eating the ginger-clove carrots by themselves. Baby-led weaning is going great. Now that he's mastered the pincer grasp, there's pretty much nothing he can't manage as long as it's in small pieces! I'm going very slowly with introducing new things, though, because of his food sensitivities. I gave him cheese awhile ago and he got a horrible diaper rash, so no dairy yet, and also no eggs, no grains, no nuts ... that sort of thing. His most common foods are ground beef, beans (I squash them a little, for fear of choking), sweet potato, carrots, pork, and apples (always peeled and diced -- apple peel is too easy to choke on). I can tell that meat tends to be the best digested ... as Nourishing Traditions suggested, animal foods are closer to what he's used to. The vegetables, he enjoys, but ... I'm not really sure if he gets much out of them.

It's adorable, the way he bangs on his tray when he wants more. I've tried to teach him the sign for more (which is tapping the fingers of your two hands together), and maybe he's trying to imitate me. Or maybe he just likes to bang.

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Sheila said...

I had to laugh today. The baby was grouchy all morning, and then when I put him in the high chair to eat some carrots, he just shrieked at me. Then I brought out the lacto-fermented ginger carrots and he kicked his feet, waved his arms and gave a big smile! He ate a good bit before smearing the rest all over himself. ;)

Guess my kid has healthy taste!

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