Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life is changed, not ended

Well, here I am at last: married, and in my new home in Philadelphia. So many times over the last few months, I thought this day would never come.

Being married, I discover, is not terribly different (so far). One thing that used to be just a part of my life is gone forever, though, and without regret: missing John. I was beginning to get used to missing him, as if it would always be that way, and suddenly he's here all the time! It's wonderful ... I had almost forgotten a lot of the wonderful things about him, and now it's like the past year apart never even happened.

Later I will post pictures of the wedding. Suffice it to say, it was utterly and completely beautiful in every way. It was also a ton of fun, as everyone who went seemed to agree. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of touching (and funny) toasts, a lot of teasing, a lot of crazy dancing. I felt surrounded by the love of those who were there, and I enjoyed myself too.

Now, we're waiting for our respective jobs to resume (mine starts with the school year, his starts sometime in the next month) and setting our tiny home aright. Two people don't fit very well in a studio apartment -- at least, our stuff doesn't. But we're making room. We move at the end of August.

Meanwhile, there's a lot to do: change my name (quite a project), get the wedding photo album together, write a gazillion thank-you notes (the guests were very generous), get new car insurance (we save a bundle because we're married!), get new health insurance, juggle money between bank accounts and use it to pay bills, and, of course, smile at each other across the tiny room and think, "We're married!"

I also get to cook a real dinner every single night. This is so exciting. Last night I made a Cornish hen stuffed with brown rice. It was really good. Today I make chicken soup out of what's left. I think John would be just as happy with frozen burritos and pretzels, but I enjoy giving him good food anyway.

In sum, I am very, very, very happy. My love to all my readers.

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Dr. Thursday said...

Ah, this is great news, dear S&J!

I am sure you were expecting a Chesterton quote now, and I will not disappoint you-two:

...whenever a man assumes "culture" in order
to admire antiquity, he is becoming all that is crude and vulgar in order to study what is ancient and sublime. A boy looks at a steam-engine with much more notion of its meaning than an art-critic looks at a cathedral. For all the ancient things truly exist only to teach us to be young. The quaintest carved font exists only that we may be born again, and be babyish. The most venerable altar only exists that we may be married again and go on another honeymoon. It is a very good thing, by the way, to be frequently married again - always, of course, to the same person.
[GKC ILN Oct 9 1909 CW28:407]

God bless you both!

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