Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy housewife update

John is back to work now, so for the next month and change I am a stay-at-home housewife (apartment wife?). I hope I am not spoiled by all this free time by the time school starts.

On Saturday we will be moving at last! We have been looking for a bigger and quieter place ever since we got back -- which is a necessity, because we're in a studio apartment right now, which, by the rules of the apartment building, is only big enough for one. I think I agree with the apartment people ... sometimes you just want to live in more than one room all the time.

Well, we found the place. John discovered the listing on Craigslist, called the realtor, and the next thing we knew we were walking through the place. It is a small duplex in a suburb (or as they say here, a "township") north of the city. I liked it when I first saw it. It's quite small -- only a little bigger than our current place -- but it has a front and back yard and a porch. It's on a quiet street, very near where some of our friends live.

When you walk in, you go straight into the tiny living room. It really is extremely small for a living room -- I'm not quite sure where we'll put all of our books yet. If they end up in the kitchen cupboards, I wouldn't be surprised. Because the kitchen is actually rather large, in a long-and-narrow sort of way, and has lots of cabinet space. It also has something I have always dreamed of -- a washer and dryer!

Past the kitchen is the bathroom, long and narrow as well, but recently remodeled and quite nice. Finally there is the bedroom. On the Craigslist post the bedroom was described as "too small for a king-size bed" -- it is also fairly small. It's big enough for our bed, though, and it has a large closet. At the back of the room is the back door leading out into the yard.

I am very excited for the move -- I can't wait! While John is at work I have been packing boxes. I'm discovering that, between the two of us, we have an awful lot of books. All of mine are still in boxes, but his books alone are quite numerous -- and heavy.

On Saturday a couple of friends come up to help us out, and we are going to get out of the ninth floor on this busy street and into our new little nest in its quiet neighborhood. I am so glad!

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