Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Guess that baby!

 Round two!

The rules are easy: guess which baby is which in each group.  Some groups have only two babies.  They are not necessarily exactly the same age in these photos, just roughly the same size so they could fit in the same outfits.  Click to enlarge.

If you can't tell, don't feel bad -- I'm their mother and I don't see any differences either.

Group 1 - stripey shirt

Group 2 - baseball outfits

Group 3 - smashed newborn faces

Group 4 - blue jammies

 Group 5 - robot shirt


Enbrethiliel said...



1. Clockwise from top left: Michael, Marko, Miriam

2. Top to bottom: Miriam, Michael, Marko

3. Top: Miriam . . . Bottom: Marko

4. Clockwise from top left: Miachel, Miriam, Marko

5. Left: Miriam . . . Right: Michael

(There were a couple that stumped me a little, but I always knew Miriam because she's so different from the boys I've been seeing for a few years.)

Sheila said...

You got Miriam and Michael mixed up twice! ;) I won't say which times, though, so other people can play.

Sheila said...

Hee hee, I showed John and he couldn't tell either. I have no secret trick either ... I only know because I took the pictures. Thank goodness they weren't triplets or I'd be constantly mixing them up.

Ariadne said...

Group 1:
Michael, Marko, Miriam

Group 2:
Michael, Miriam, Marko

Group 3:
Miriam, Marko

Group 4:
Miriam, Michael, Marko

Group 5:
Marko, Miriam

Was I close?

Sheila said...

Almost perfect!

Ariadne said...

I know I got Group 5 wrong, but it was hard. Glad I was close!

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