Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Markoisms

"Buckle you out" -- unbuckle my seatbelt

"Should I hold you both of guys" -- Hold both Michael and me, please.

"You are having trouble tooting."

"Daddy comed home, and the kitty farted."

(Acting out a dialogue between two trucks) "Did you lost your mama?  No.  I fell down."

(Doing the fingerplay for "Here is the church, here is the steeple")  "Here is the store.  Open the doors and here's all the bananas!"

"Here.  I buyed this for you.  It's a ticket.  Get on the train."

"How-are-you-ya."  (Hallelujah.)


"The train says "'BOO BOO!'"

"Game with letters [Words With Friends] says 'cock cock cock cock cock.'"

"The phone went 'leeder leeder lert.'"

"Airplanes go OOOOOOOO!"

[When the dog yawned] "Gilbert said 'yaaaaaaIwanttogetonthebuuuuuuus!'"

* * *

Marko still calls himself "you" 90% of the time.  No, it's not something to worry about.  Yes, I am worrying about it anyway.  Yes, we are working on it.


The Sojourner said...

My little sister used to say "Buckle me out." It is a logical outgrowth of "buckle in", but I still think it's funny.

Sheila said...

Marko does all of those: "pick you down" is the opposite of "pick you up," "put the shirt off" is the opposite of "put the shirt on," and so on. It makes sense! Only English doesn't.

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