Friday, April 16, 2010

Videos of the baby

...because pictures don't capture how perfect he is.




some guy on the street said...

Hello, Baby Mark!

Kind hostess, you don't think all this publicity might go to his head, some day?

Meredith said...

Look at those bright eyes! He looks like an elf baby.

Heather C. said...

Aw, his head's already growing out of his hat? =)

That you're already videotaping baby Mark and posting it on the blog shows how excited you are. It's so wonderful!

Heather C. said...

Oh another thing: good idea getting him used to the camera now. That way he won't later wonder what the heck that black/silver thing is in front of mommy and daddy's faces.

Sheila said...

Yes, I play with my baby, watch my baby, and then when he's asleep I watch videos of my baby. That's how obsessed I am. :) I love it!

Warren said...

I love how newborns look elvish! He's SO cyoot!

Congrats to the very-proud mom & dad of this very blessed little boy. May he grow in wisdom, and in stature, and in love for God, and for all. May God grant him every blessing.

(I rather like the tradition of imparting blessings. Priestly blessings are of course special. But I think you, and your friends and families could impart blessings on their own, I think this is good and right.)


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