Monday, March 18, 2019

Second Lenten shop

Today I went shopping again for the next two weeks.  This time, I didn't buy any meat for dinners because I think I can get buy without making it at all -- and anyway, I've got quite a lot of meat frozen from last time.  The only exception is a box of fish sticks (in case I really don't have it in me to make dinner) and a package of pepperoni, for pizza. 

What I don't understand is how I could cut out the most expensive items and still spend $191.  Don't I usually spend more than $9 on meat?  I guess I replaced it with so much produce it came out the same.  Oh well.  At least there are plenty of healthy things to eat in the house -- nobody's going to be left eating bread and oreos.

Here are the planned recipes for this week.  This time, I'm not assigning them to specific days.  I just can't always predict which days are going to be good to make something complicated, and when I'm going to basically have to phone it in.  I felt like phoning it in last Wednesday, but I had already marked falafel on the calendar, and it was a very stressful evening.  One does not simply tell the children the plan has changed!

1.  15-bean soup
I got a mix so all I really need to do is add some veggies.

2.  Tacos

3.  Falafel
This time I bought pitas, because falafel itself takes a lot of attention and it's stressful to try to homemake pitas at the same time.  Besides, half my pitas didn't puff.

4.  Split pea soup

5.  Noodles, tomato sauce, eggplant, and mushrooms
I made this last week, worried it would be a flop, but no, the kids loved it!  I did let Marko pick out the mushrooms.

6.  Broccoli teriyaki with white beans
This was a hit last week also.  Which is weird because they don't usually like my attempts at Asian food!

7.  Lentil pot pie
This was on my list last time, but I made shepherd's pie instead because I ran out of flour.  This time I'm not going to be caught short!

8.  Hummus sandwiches/wraps
I bought premade hummus for this last time, and the kids kept whining that it's not as good as mine.   Ha!  Mine's a bit chunky because my blender is a little weak, but I guess they like that.

9. Enchiladas
I got a couple of plantains to go in these; I think that would be nice.

10.  Lentils 'n' dumplings
Basically I'm thinking carrots, celery, lentils, and broth, with my usual dumplings on the top.

11.  Nachos
These will go on whatever day the avocados get ripe.

12.  Pizza
Poor John is going to be stuck with flatbread and sauce.  Because is it really pizza without the cheese?

12.  Chili and cornbread

13.  Tomato soup

14.  Fish sticks


Anonymous said...

For your broccoli teriyaki with white beans: did you serve it over rice, or did the white beans serve as a starch?

Sheila said...

Over rice. The white beans were to make a complete protein. Though the next time I made it, I used slightly sprouted lentils and they were delicious.

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