Thursday, August 25, 2011

A look into the archives

I saw this neat thing over at Momsomniac the other day. You go through your archives and pick a post that fits each category. You can even add extra categories if you want to.

1. A Beautiful Post

This one, Grampy, still makes me feel a little misty. You don't have to read the other posts on here. But, if you haven't read that one, go read it now.

2. A Popular Post

I seem to remember someone reposting/retweeting my post The feminist dilemma. I really liked it myself, too. The fact is, it's really hard to create a society where women are equally able to choose any option. Society creates roles for us based on what most people do. Although I'd like to have more support for what I do, I think it's more important that others also have the freedom to do what they do than to create a society that only supports and values women who stay home with kids.

3. A Helpful Post

This post on Car safety tips is pretty helpful if you have kids. Since cars are one of the most likely places for a child to die -- I think the most likely -- it's important to make time in the car as safe as you can.

4. A Controversial Post

Far and away, my most controversial post was Why my son is intact. Circumcision is an issue I care a lot about, though I try not to bring it up too much because of the "ick" factor. Anyway, I got a ton of comments, many of which agreed with me, but all of which I appreciated.

5. A Surprisingly Successful Post

I wrote Rough couple of weeks just to vent about how awful things had been. And people loved it! I think we all spend too much time trying to make ourselves look graceful, successful, and happy, when what people really want is to know it isn't all roses for you, either. There's something comforting about reading the story of someone's awful day. Meanwhile, it's comforting to talk about it, too.

6. A Post That Didn't Get the Attention It Deserved

I remember being disappointed that no one commented on this post, Intellectual life of a stay-at-home mom. I had thought people would really relate to that. Then again, I don't even relate to it so much anymore -- I was less busy then and had more time to muck around on the internet. Now, I find myself singing "Ten Little Monkeys" so many times in a row that my brain is completely fried. So perhaps I didn't really know what I was talking about back then.

7. A Favorite Post

I did love this one, A spiritual take on breastfeeding. I remember those early days with the baby, how very "holy" I felt. It just felt so instinctive to do what was right, to love, to be patient. Now ... things aren't quite so easy. But that's okay.

To join in, go over to Momsomniac and link up your post!

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Very cool! I'll enjoy reading these!

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