I am a Seattle-raised, homeschooled, 29-year-old cradle Catholic, the second of six.  I went to a Regnum Christi boarding school from 2000-2002 and told that story here.  I attended Christendom College as an English major and classics minor from 2004-2008, where I met my husband John and spent my entire college career trying to convince him I was the girl for him.  Apparently I succeeded, because we were married in 2009.  After graduation I was a teacher for awhile before quitting to stay home with the kids.  I dream of publishing a book someday.

We have three kids: Marko (born 2010), Michael (born 2012) and Miriam (born 2014).  I meant to have ten, but we'll have to see if we can even manage three!

Here's our family:

Me: lover of poetry, crafts of all kinds, nature, dead languages, and biology.  An admitted nerd, I hate being compared to Anne of Green Gables (but people do it all the time anyway).  I've developed several hobby horses since I became a parent: real food, natural childbirth, attachment parenting, gardening, and the role of Catholic women in the family.   My husband sometimes gets tired of hearing about all that stuff for hours on end, so I talk to you guys instead.

John: The guy who opens all the pickle jars around here, does more than his share of chores, plays airplane with the baby, talks in silly voices, and will go a mile out of his way to avoid waiting at a long light.  He's finally working his dream job as a librarian.  He puts up with my attempts to doctor his various maladies with real food and natural remedies, but we haven't cured him of much yet.  I'm lucky to have found a guy who misses us while he's gone at work, who enjoys doing the taxes, and whose idea of a great Saturday is playing with the kids and snuggling with me.

Marko is our perfectionist.  He needs everything to be just so and gets upset if it's not.  He's an incredibly easy child if you remember the right way to deal with him, and becomes a nightmare if you forget.  I think he'll go far with his high standards and sharp mind.

Michael was kind of a shock after Marko -- he's just more of everything.  More needs, more trouble, more affection.  He doesn't slow down much.  The only way I manage to put up with his intensity is remembering his love is intense too.
 Not sure about Miriam yet.  So far her baby-self is much more like Marko's baby-self, but we're going to have to watch her and see.  Right now she just wants to be doing whatever the boys are doing, regardless of how inappropriate for babies it is.

Our little family lives in northern Virginia.  We finally escaped from the orbit of Washington, D.C. and now live in a pretty small town while John works across the border in West Virginia.  We dream of getting further out into the country and maybe getting a couple cows or something wild like that.

Heresy warning: This blog is not guaranteed to affirm Catholic beliefs at all times.  We have honest discussions about stuff, and sometimes I make people upset by the things I think.  If you can handle my skepticism, I promise to grapple with your beliefs -- I will respectfully consider any honest question or argument.

I've been blogging since 2004 on several different blogs.  My first blog is Enchiridion, a poetry blog which is still up but hasn't been updated in yonks.  Then the blog I had after I graduated from college and before I got married was called Sniffles Predominating, which is about everything but mainly pictures.  This blog has some stuff about cooking, some stuff about parenting, some stuff about my life, and a lot of stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere particular, categorized "thoughts."  Other interesting labels are "Catholicism," "Religion," and "Women."  Poke around a bit, and if you like what you see, why not subscribe?  Oh, and you can email me here.
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